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Party X, The Party of the Future Spain Politics

Today is a very important day, just after the three kings arrival Spanish citizens reprensented by the New Party X, the Party of the Future talk to the civilizations about their promises.

The New Party, Party X , is the execution branch of the 15 M movement. During the video the actors (not represantatives who are working in the future in the country) explain that once the win the elections normal people, just workers will be in the spanish government. The decision will we wikimade by the people, the normal citizens who are the more interested in the future of the country.

As i am spanish and i want my country to get better i try to imagine that future as well. This is my vision coming form the future:

In the opened forum people will decide what to do with the resources. For example, i could open a national discussion about health care in the hospitals to make them free (so, to invest part of the spanish resources in making it free). In case that my porpuse has many followers we (the citizens) could decide to use our resources for that reason. As any other company, we would need to generate a 1 year strategy and put deadlines to make the decisions. For example, the 20th of February we will decide if we want to open the electric markets to renewable energy, it would be something like this:

Decision to make: Energy market generation. Autoconsumption legal? Strategy to open the market.

Discussion open’s date: 10/1/2013

Discussion’s deadline: 10/2/2013

Type of discussion: Votes through wikifutureSpain

Note: Once we make the decision what happens? In case Yes win. A discussion’s group made by worldwide specialists will develop the idea….

As you can see it is not easy to imagine the future, that is why the X party’s representative where working in this kind of decisions instead of recording the Video.

I currently live somewhere else in Europe and many people told me that 15 M movement was not that effective because they had no proposals. Time gives the reason to 15 M citizens…

To discuss about something and go forward you need the right forum… 15 M was probably the light that X Party will offer to the society, hopefully this light is brigther and the party is more transparent than any other platform ever seen…

2013, it is time to believe..

Please check the presentation video from the future,!



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